The ClearPanels process to maintaining clean solar panels 



Most Popular 
- 1 year package
- Solar shield coating on
- 3 additional maintenance 

Maintenance Cleaning #2: 

Our second visit is 90 days after your initial appointment for a maintenance cleaning. We will check the integrity of the Solar Shield, and clear any debris built up around system. At every appointment, we will always conduct a thorough inspection of your panels!

Initial appointment:

Our initial appointment consists of a thorough inspection of your panels. We inspect every panel to make sure that there are no cracks that might damage the panels ability to generate electricity. We will do a thorough system cleaning, and apply an application of Solar Shield.

Maintenance Cleaning #3 and #4:
Our third and fourth visits are for routine cleaning. This occurs during the 6 month and 9 month time period after your initial visit. We start with a thorough inspection of your panels. A deep clean is performed to maintain peak power production for each individual panel in your system. 


Single Visit:
- Solar Shield coating on 
- 1 maintenance cleaning


Basic Cleaning:
- Individual cleaning