The importance of routine cleaning for your solar panels:
  • Solar panels can LOSE UP TO 18% of their production due to lack of proper cleaning.

  • Panels exposed to certain elements and natural debris will capture less light, which causes power loss in your system. 


ClearPanels Solar Cleaning is equipped with professionals that are exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled at cleaning solar panels of all types to give you the best results!

  • Dedicated staff with excellent communication with our clients

  • Expert knowledge about Solar Panel Cleaning

  • High-quality professional cleaning equipment

  • Strong safety measures when cleaning

  • Peace of mind in knowing that your investment is safe in our hands

Did you know? 

Pollen in central Florida ranks HIGHEST amongst any area in the country.


The pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, tree debris, acid rain, and other factors can block the direct sunlight on the glass from being converted into usable power.